The Room of the Three Gargoyles was a room in Olmec's Temple. One of two entry rooms, the objective - push the proper tongue to open a door - was simple and similarly repeated for the room's successor, the Room of the Royal Gongs.


  • One of the Gargoyles was reused for the Pit of the Pendulum.
    • Throughout Season 2, the same Gargoyle that was reused for The Pit of the Pendulum in Season 3 can sometimes be seen during the Moat crossings where the Red Jaguars and Blue Barracudas' gongs are located.
Seasons Used 1
Layouts Used I-VII
Episodes Seen 1-31
Objective Completion 15
Temple Guard Encounters The Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart
The Oracle Bowl of Delphi
The Helmet of Joan of Arc
The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary
Adjoining Rooms The Wall Climb (Layouts I-IV)
The Troubled Bridge (Layouts V-VII)
The Cave of Sighs