The following is a list of episodes of The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Season 1: 1994-1995

Title Original Airdate # Summary
The Accident 8 October 1994 101 After a miserable first day of middle school, Alex Mack winds up getting drenched with an experimental chemical, an incident that would change her life forever.
Hoop War 15 October 1994 102 Having been framed for a cafeteria food fight they didn't commit, Alex and Ray challenge the real culprits to a game of basketball. Loser cleans all.
Shock Value 22 October 1994 103 Ever the procrastinator, Alex puts off her science project until the last moment. But when she presents her project with the help of her powers, then cannot come up with a viable explanation as to its remarkable result, Alex gets accused of cheating.
The Videotape 5 November 1994 104 During a class trip to Paradise Valley Chemical Plant, Alex unwittingly shows off her powers in front of a video camera. Now, she needs to sneak in and get the tape before Danielle Atron and her cronies, Vince Carter and Dave Watt, can get a chance to see it.
School Dance 12 November 1994 105 Alex is determined to go out to the school dance with Scott, but it doesn't help that there's someone else who wants to go out with her... and won't take no for an answer.
Science Fair 19 November 1994 106 Annie Mack's science project has been chosen as an entrant for the Plant's annual Science Fair. Naturally, Alex wants to stay as far away from that place as possible. But she is forced to, and must contend with Vince and Danielle, plus a rival entrant bent on destroying Annie's project.
False Alarms 3 December 1994 107 It's time for midterms at Atron Junior High, and Libby, the most popular kid at school, would rather skip than study. Looking to escape, Libby pulls the fire alarm and talks Alex into taking the blame.
The Feud 10 December 1994 108 Alex and Ray are usually the best of friends, but even friends have their fights. Alex, however, fears that Ray will rat her out to the Plant in retaliation.
Alex and Mom 7 January 1995 109 Alex "disorganizes" her mom's files after a huge fight, causing Barbara to nearly lose her job at the plant. A remorseful Alex tries to make amends when Barbara's final chance at saving face seems headed for disaster.
Cold Day in Paradise Valley 14 January 1995 110 Alex has a cold, and her powers are going berserk as a result. It also doesn't help that there's a spy for the Plant in the house.
Annie Bails 21 January 1995 111 Annie's making plans for her future, and Alex is trying to convince her not to go. It's an act of sisterly love, true, but it's mainly because Alex's powers are starting go crazy again.
The Solo 28 January 1995 112 Ray gets picked to perform at the school musical recital, but his stage fright acts up at the worst time. Can Alex save the show?
Road Trip 4 February 1995 113 Hoping to bond closer, Alex and her dad go on a road trip. The trip, however, proves to be a wild and crazy adventure.

Season 2: 1995-1996

Title Original Airdate # Summary
The Journal 14 October 1995 201 Ever since the accident, Alex has been keeping a journal of everything that's happened to her since. When she accidentally leaves it at school, she finds herself in very hot water.
Double Bogey 14 October 1995 202 Alex and her dad enter the Plant's Father-Daughter Golf Tournament. Fore!
New Kid in Town 21 October 1995 203 Louis moves into Paradise Valley, and it doesn't take Alex long to get annoyed at his wild and crazy nature.
The Secret 28 October 1995 204 Having been talked into exploring a long-abandoned house on the night before Halloween, Alex finds herself face-to-face with a that seems to know quite a lot about Danielle Atron.
Suspect 4 November 1995 205 Alex, hoping to make a few quick bucks, agrees to baby-sit for the snobbish Kelly Phillips.
Pressure 11 November 1995 206 Poor Nicole is struggling to ace the upcoming exam, and Alex decides to help out by getting her a test copy. Meanwhile, her father has just begun to learn of GC-161's mutagenic properties.
The Secret World of Ray Alvarado 18 November 1995 207 After a freak accident between them, Alex's powers somehow get transferred into Ray. Unfortunately, Ray doesn't have the same level of self-control as Alex does.
Rat Trap 2 December 1995 208 Alex has made it onto the school's track team (child's play for her and her powers). Now, everyone in Paradise Valley is looking towards Alex's unique performance...including the ever-suspicious Danielle Atron.
Busted 9 December 1995 209 Alex sneaks out for a night on the town, never mind the fact that she's grounded.
The Gift 23 December 1995 210 It's Christmas, and Alex and her dad are learning that all the glitz and glamour doesn't make the holiday. Meanwhile, Dave tries to give Vince a chimpanzee for a gift, but chaos ensues when the ape ingests a vial of GC-161.
Ray Goes to Washington 12 December 1995 211 Ray announces his campaign for eighth-grade presidency, but quickly learns of the brutal world of politics.
Trophy Case 6 January 1996 212 Jealous of Annie's achievements, Alex sets out to find her own brand of recognition.
On the Rocks 13 January 1996 213 Annie's attempt to impress her love interest, Bryce, while mountain climbing leaves her hanging...literally. Can Alex save her older sister's life when it's hanging by an actual rope?
Saturn 20 July 1996 214 Alex's attempts to ask Scott to the dance is continually ruined by her dad.
Mack TV 27 July 1996 215 Ray's video tape of Alex's powers in action has been entered in the Atron Junior High Video Awards. The judges - Danielle and Vince!
The Party 3 August 1996 216 With Alex's parents at a resort spa for the weekend, Kelly gets Alex's trust long enough to throw a party in her house and flee. Alex had better clean up fast.
Carnival 10 August 1996 217 Annie ditches taking Alex to the carnival in favor of Bryce, while Danielle puts up with a government inspector who's immune to her usual bribes (mainly because he used to work for her).
Local Hero 14 September 1996 218 Alex, Ray and Louis manage to save a young child from certain death, but it's Louis who gets all the credit. In response, the Plant has turned their suspicions towards him.
World Without Alex 21 September 1996 219 When poor Alex is convinced that the world would be better off without her, she suddenly finds herself seeing a world in which she never even existed.
Nerve 28 September 1996 220 Robyn is convinced that she'll never pass P.E. Can Alex inspire her friend to succeed?

Season 3: 1996-1997

Title Original Airdate # Summary
The Other Side: Part 1 5 October 1996 301 After getting drenched with the Plant's new "GC-Divide" compound, a second Alex forms from the original. This new Alex quickly proves that she's everything the original Alex isn't. That is to say, mean-spirited and cruel.
The Other Side: Part 2 8 October 1996 302 Continuing from Part 1, Alex finds herself in danger when her evil double starts wreaking havoc on Paradise Valley.
Working 10 October 1996 303 Alex and Robyn get a new job at a local video store, but are unaware that Vince and Dave have rigged it with GC-161 sensors.
Operation: Breakout 15 October 1996 304 Danielle Atron's newest scheme to lure the accident victim out of hiding is to claim that they already have him. Will Alex fall for the trap?
The Neighbor 17 October 1996 305 Alex is convinced that her new neighbor is a Plant spy. Paranoia, or fact?
Images 22 October 1996 306 Alex signs up for the school's yearbook staff as a photographer, in hopes that she can get closer to her crush, Scott.
Big Ray 24 October 1996 307 Ray has found a new group of friends in a local group of basketballers, and is starting to ditch Alex as a result. Meanwhile, Alex's dad faces the fear of getting fired by Danielle.
New World Order 29 October 1996 308 Alex discovers an unusual reaction between her mother's curry recipe and her chemically-altered body: temporary bouts of super-strength. But she'd better get it under control before Kelly can get the results on film.
Bubbling Over 29 October 1996 309 Just why is Alex coughing up bubbles for no apparent reason? Is it because of Annie's breakup with Bryce, or is it just coincidence?
Muckraker 7 November 1996 310 Alex wants to spice up the school paper, but Louis takes his reporter duties too far. Alex's mom, however, has re-enrolled in school.
Bad Girl 12 November 1996 311 Alex befriends the new girl in school, who has her own "unique" style, and one that Alex tries to emulate. Meanwhile, Vince gets fired from the Plant for his consistent screw-ups, and now he's more determined than ever to identify Alex.
The Understudy 14 November 1996 312 Ray, with a little help from Louis, manages to impress a new girl, but his superficial charm can't last forever. Annie, however, starts her internship at the Plant.
Mystery Man 19 November 1996 313 Just who exactly is Paradise Valley's most popular radio DJ? Alex and Ray decide to find out.
Chemistry 21 November 1996 314 Alex's habit of literally glowing when under emotional stress is putting her chances with a good-looking boy at school at risk.
A Room of Her Own 26 November 1996 315 Annie's work at the Plant is hard enough on Alex's nerves, but taking over their shared room just to accommodate a lab partner is just taking it too far.
Spivey 28 November 1996 316 Louis is determined to make his first impression with his old friend Spivey count. This impression, though, is putting Alex's donut shop job at risk.
Woman of the Year 5 December 1996 317 Paradise Valley's "Woman of the Year" contest is nothing but a nest of corruption, and Alex wants to find out exactly what's going on.
Twelve and a Half 10 December 1996 318 Alex puts up with an admirer from the seventh grade, while Vince's attempt to spy on the Macks backfires when he gets stuck in the attic.
The Test 26 December 1996 319 Math: Alex's second-most detestable enemy (after Danielle). Determined to pass at any cost, Alex resorts to cheating. Can Annie snap Alex out of this habit, hopefully before Dave can connect Alex to the evidence of floating textbooks?
The Creeper 2 January 1997 320 Poor Alex is torn between her old friends and a new friend that's generally unpopular to everyone else.
Triangle 18 February 1997 321 Both Alex and Annie have found a new boyfriend. There's just one problem...they're both the same guy!
Friends Like That 20 February 1997 322 Alex has made a new friend named Grace, but she doesn't realize that the "student" is actually another one of the Plant's spies.
BMX 25 February 1997 323 While out biking, Alex and Ray run into an old hermit in the woods, one who seems to know a lot about that crazy chemical GC-161.
Nightmare in Paradise 27 February 1997 324 Alex's powers and wits are put to the test when a local school bully begins to pick on her. Meanwhile, Annie's attempt to pass off GC-161-related material to her dad puts George under Plant suspicion.
Cheers 4 March 1997 325 Alex has made it onto the cheerleading team, but she'd rather have her carefree life over the perks of glory. At the Plant, Louis gives Annie a diskette for a new computer game he's created, which she unwittingly mistakes for a diskette on her GC-161 research.

Season 4: 1997-1998

Title Original Airdate # Summary
Driving 23 September 1997 401 Alex wants to buy her own car, so she takes a job at a distribution company run by Louis' dad.
Green Day 25 September 1997 402 Alex and Robyn are friends, but Robyn's environmentalist group is putting her donut shop job under fire.
Camping 30 September 1997 403 Alex is stuck playing camp counselor for her old rival Kelly. When the two girls get in danger, however, they learn that friendship may not be so bad between the two of them.
Ashley 2 October 1997 404 When her Aunt Ashley comes to visit, Alex is instantly taken in by her wild and crazy attitude towards life. Can Barbara bring both her daughter and her sister back down to earth?
Oscar 7 October 1997 405 Oscar, the GC-161-enhanced chimpanzee, is back, and Alex is struggling to hide him from both Vince and her parents.
Foot Fault 18 March 1997 406 Louis, while searching for UFO's, catches Alex's powers on film (though he doesn't know it). Alex, meanwhile, is trying to get her father to overcome his fear of bowling.
The Switch 14 October 1997 407 In a nod to Freaky Friday, Alex and her mother wind up switching bodies, leaving the two girls in shock and confusion.
The Storm 16 October 1997 408 While a storm blows outside, Alex and Annie reminisce on all that has happened since Alex got her powers. Clip show.
Leaving 21 October 1997 409 As Annie prepares to leave for college, Alex's recent exploits to get an ailing woman to the hospital raises Danielle's suspicions. Annie's final regular appearance.
Senora Garcia 23 October 1997 410 Alex can't help but feel responsible that her tough-as-nails Spanish teacher got fired, but is she really to blame?
The Doctor 28 October 1997 411 Alex's doctor check-up is coming, and she's desperate to escape. After all, her altered DNA would be a dead giveaway to the doctor that Alex is not quite average.
The Band 4 November 1997 412 Alex, Ray, and Louis decide to form a band, but realize that the life of a rocker isn't as easy as one would think.
Things Change 6 November 1997 413 Ray's got a new girlfriend, but he hasn't told Alex about it. When Alex does find out, however, her jealousy over her best friend reveals itself.
The Return 18 November 1997 414 A new kid named Hunter has come to town, and Alex manages to befriend him. However, he seems to be curious about the connection between Danielle Atron and GC-161. What exactly is he hiding?
Friendly Fire 20 November 1997 415 While her parents are away, Robyn moves in with Alex. As the two girls bond, George's job at the Plant is once again threatened due to suspicion.
Lies and Secrets 25 November 1997 416 Having heard of the accident, Hunter has now focused on finding the accident victim, in hopes that he can get one step closer to his agenda. What can Alex do?
Without Feathers 2 December 1997 417 As Alex plays matchmaker for Louis, she winds up falling for Hunter in the process. Ray, on the other hand, is occupied with his new job at a fancy restaurant.
24 Hours 4 December 1997 418 Just exactly why is all of Paradise Valley acting strangely around Alex? Did someone rat her out to the Plant, or is there something else involved?
Paradise Lost 13 January 1998 419 Danielle Atron is just moments away from releasing her GC-161-enhanced weight-loss drinks to the public. And what's worse, Alex's identity as the accident victim has finally been revealed. Has Danielle finally won?
Paradise Regained 15 January 1998 420 Imprisoned in the Plant, Alex and her parents now face certain death as explosives threaten to blow up the entire Plant, thus destroying the evidence of Danielle's dirty deeds. Can Alex get out of this mess, or will Danielle Atron have the last laugh?

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