The Troubled Bridge was a portion of a room (the same room space as The Pit of Despair) in Olmec's Temple. The Troubled Bridge connected the door from the upper entrance room to the door that led to The Observatory. This bridge was accompanied by a different room; in Season 1, the room space was shared by The Wheel Room, while in Season 2, it was with The Rock Quarry. The bridge provided the only access to the upper floor from that area during its tenure. It also provided a much easier exit from the Temple than a crawl through The Cave of Sighs or The Ledges. Whenever this layout was in use, the door connecting the Pit to the center of the temple was locked. Sometimes, Olmec referred to this room as simply The Bridge.

Seasons Used 1
Layouts Used V-IX, XII
Episodes Seen 16-40, 56-67
Objective Completion 13
Half Pendants Featured The Enormous Iron Nose Ring of Babe the Ox
The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman
Predecessors The Wall Climb (Layouts I-IV)
The Pit of Despair (Layouts X & XI)
Successors The Pit of Despair (Layouts X & XI)
The Pit (Layouts XIII & XIV)
Adjoining Rooms The Room of the Three Gargoyles (Layouts I-VII)
The Room of the Royal Gongs (Layouts VIII & IX)
The Crypt (Layout XII)
The Observatory