The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book
Written by: Jefferson Graham
Published: 1998
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 0-689-81678-2
The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book is a non-fiction book about Rugrats, published in 1998, shortly before the release of The Rugrats Movie. It contains full details of the series, including four chapters devoted to the following topics:
  • The history of how the show was made, and its rise to popularity
  • Profiles of each of the characters, with short bios of their voice actors
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how the episodes are made
  • An episode guide with short summaries for all of the episodes up to "The Family Tree", listed in production order

A 1999 reprint by Grolier Enterprises expanded the episode guide chapter to include all the episodes up to "Runaway Reptar". However, no revisions have been made to the book since then.

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