The Wall Climb was the top half of a room in Olmec's Temple. Occupying the only room space to never feature a Temple Guard, the ideal objective was to use the holes along the back wall to climb to the doors on the other side. However, this was never performed, as players (correctly) felt it was more time-efficient to just jump down.

It should be noted that the bottom half of the room that is filled with foam pellets was referred to as The Pit of Despair by both Olmec and Kirk.

Wall Climb with Ropes

The Wall Climb with ropes.

The Wall Climb went through a slight change in its fifteen-episode run. Ropes were added after the first few episodes to ease players up the wall; ironically, these ropes seemed to impede progress more often than not, such as for Tia in The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan.

Seasons Used 1
Layouts Used I-IV
Episodes Seen 1-16
Objective Completion 15
Successor The Troubled Bridge + The Wheel Room
Adjoining Rooms The Room of the Three Gargoyles
The Observatory
The Heart Room
The Throne Room (Layouts I-III)
The Room of Harmonic Convergence (Layout IV)
The Cave of Sighs