• Hello, I'm Animal Crossing Leader (or ACL), and I'm an admin at the semi-active Cartoons and Fiction wiki. The wiki is for articles based on cartoons, as well as fanon made by our contributors. The wiki is very inactive, but I believe that becoming an affiliate with an active wiki might make our traffic better. It would be great if you responded, and even greater if you approved this. Hopefully we'll talk again!   Animal Crossing Leader TalkContribs  01:52, April 30, 2013 (UTC)

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    • I think I recognize your username... possibly from Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki? Well, to be honest, this wiki doesn't gather too much traffic either. If we have you as an affiliate, I don't think it'd make much of a difference on the active-ness of your wiki.

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    • Yeah, I've been on the TDIFfW too. But, any wiki is probably more active then this one. Plus, I'm trying to get some other affiliates too, so it could be helpful for you too.

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    • Hmph, well... I'll wait until other wikis are affiliated with you... I don't know yet. :/

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    • A FANDOM user
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