"Thug Loaf" is the first segment of the first episode of Breadwinners.


The episode opens with Buhduece and SwaySway driving the rocket van through Duck Town delivering bread to the other ducks. This scene introduces the main idea of this entire series. After all the orders are filled, the guys are upset because they still have a dozen loaves remaining. They then get another order and are eager to fill it...until they find out the delivery is to the Lower Yeast Side. This is known as the "worst part of Duck Town" as Buhdeuce puts it.

When they arrive, they become scared. After delivering the bread to the door, they return to the Rocket Van only to relieze SwaySway left the keys inside, locking them out. Buhdeuce becomes scared even more because they had no way of getting home. After saying "it could be worse", the Biker Ducks show up and begin to break-in to multiple cars on the road. SwaySway decides to ask the Biker Ducks if they would break-in to their Rocket Van for them. The reason is because it has a high-level security system.

The Biker Ducks manage to break-in only to be promised with some bread. When they find the van empty, they turn on the Breadwinners. After fighting for a bit, a monster walks into the scene from a nearby alley killing the leader. This puts Buhdeuce in charge of the Biker Ducks. SwaySway helps him get out of the gang by having the Biker Ducks take a fake picture. The ducks get back into the Rocket Van and drive away, only to find the Biker Gang and the monster in the back of the van. Buhdeuce uses his "booty kick!" to open the hatch and the gang and monster fall out. The guys sing "You Saved Us With your Butt" and the episode ends.


  • This marks the first official episode of Breadwinners after the YouTube pilot episode.
  • The title is a pun on the term "thug life."
  • There is no explanation how the gang or monster end up in the back of the Rocket Van after Buhdeuce and SwaySway take off.