Written by: Catherine Samuel
Illustrated by: Zina Saunders
Published: January 25, 2005
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 0689872291

Timmy's Eggs-Ray Vision is an Easter-themed children's book featuring characters from The Fairly OddParents. The book came with 28 holographic stickers.


It is the day of Dimmsdale's annual Easter egg hunt on the lawn of City Hall, but Timmy isn't getting any chocolate Easter eggs, because Vicky keeps knocking everyone over and stealing their eggs. Wanda suggests that he wish for x-ray vision so he can find the remaining hidden eggs, so he agrees to that. With his x-ray vision, Timmy manages to quickly fill up his basket with chocolate eggs, but he soon finds out the disadvantages of having x-ray vision when he sees people's underwear, a robbery inside City Hall, and the stone Vicky has for a heart. After Timmy wishes it away, deciding that sometimes it's better not to see too much, he sees Vicky pushing Tootie over and stealing her chocolate eggs. Feeling sorry for Tootie, Timmy goes over to her and gives her a handful of his eggs, wishing her a happy Easter. He then uses his heat vision to melt Vicky's stolen chocolate eggs.

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