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The Fairly OddParents
"Timmy's Secret Wish!"
Season 8, Episode 122-123
Titlecard-Timmys Secret Wish
Airdate: November 3, 2011 (Latin America)
November 23, 2011 (USA)
Written by: Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Episode chronology
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"Love Triangle" "Invasion of the Dads"
"Timmy's Secret Wish!" is the 122nd and 123rd episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy Turner makes his millionth wish which all of Fairy World has gathered to celebrate. But after reviewing his wishes, the Fairy Council finds that Timmy should be put on trial for being the worst godchild ever! Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof think they can prove that Timmy's a good kid, until the truth comes out — Timmy has made a secret wish that Wanda, Poof and everyone else did not know about besides Cosmo, who forgot he granted it.

Home video releases

  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 8

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