"Timvisble" is the first segment of the 12th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Being the last day of school, Timmy is looking forward to receiving a perfect attendance award. Unfortunately, he becomes afraid of Francis once he realizes that Francis is celebrating the occasion by beating up every male student at school. He is dropped off in his classroom and Francis tells him via a note stating he is dead at 9:30. When that time comes, Timmy distracts him with a brick wall.


Timmy invisible

After running away for a bit, Timmy realizes that Francis will only beat him up if he sees him, so he wishes he was invisible. Cosmo and Wanda then disguise themselves as school children, and Francis threatens Cosmo that if Timmy doesn't return by the end of school, Cosmo will take his place and be beaten up. While Francis walks away, after Timmy rips his pants with scissors, he uses the opportunity to cause mischief that leads the school into thinking it's the work of a ghost. Seeing these antics, Crocker correctly surmises that Timmy has magically made himself invisible and dons a heat seeking magic detecting suit to capture him and prove the existence of fairies. While Timmy dodges Crocker, he sees that it's 5:30 and got to hurry to his award. Chasing Timmy into the school's kitchen, Crocker crashes into some bags of flour and is covered with it. Becoming afraid of Francis' threat against Cosmo, Wanda poofs into a bat and uses her sonar to detect Timmy. Being spotted by Crocker, she turns into a baseball bat and beats him up while Timmy realizes that it is wrong for him to run away from his problems and let Cosmo be beaten for it and that if he doesn't change back soon, he won't receive his award.

Timmy then wishes he was visible again. Waxelplax then gives Timmy his perfect attendance award after raising the curtains up. Crocker then grabs him and tries to prove he is using magic while not realizing he's visible once more and the audience mocks him. Being covered in flour, Waxelplax assumes it is Crocker who has scared the school by assuming the identity of a ghost. She then calls for security. A security guard then grabs Crocker and takes him away the beats him up. Seeing Timmy, Francis confronts him and is shocked by his lack of fear. Timmy confesses he's afraid, but states that he can't run away from his problems and is willing to face Francis.


Timmy with his medal.

Attacking him, Francis instead punches Timmy's award which hurts him and leaves Timmy unharmed. He tries to use his other hand, his head and his spleen, but only the medal gets hit and soon it becomes all dented up. Francis then collapses to the ground. As Timmy heads into his parents' car, his dad states he now has a cool dented medal instead of an uncool undented one (they apparently have a lot of that). As they leave, Mrs. Turner asks Timmy how his day was and Timmy states it was fine as he becomes invisible again as the episode ends.  


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