"Tommy's First Birthday" is the first episode of Rugrats.


One morning, Tommy Pickles is woken up by his parents. They say that it is his first birthday, Didi then proceeds to change Tommy's diaper. Stu is reluctant to throw away the dirty diaper, but he does. He then changes Tommy into blue overalls and a red shirt. They take Tommy over to the kitchen to feed him while he pulls on his mother's earring as they go. He then sees a commercial for dog food and decides that he wants to eat it, believing it will turn him into a dog. Meanwhile, his mother Didi is panicking over having the perfect party for Tommy. This includes the puppeteers (to which the stage and puppeteers are booked, but not the puppeteers), a carrot cake (much to Grandpa Boris' displeasure, hoping it would be a chocolate cake), and a really elaborate invention from Stu - the Hoverama. After convincing the little babies to eat dog food, Tommy discovers that Spike has eaten all of it. But when he spots another can on top of the shelf, he attempts to get it with Angelica and Chuckie's help. However, all he ends up doing is destroying his kitchen and ruining the Hoverama. Soon, all the adults are complaining about various items, when Grandpa opens a can of dog chow for Spike. The little babies finally eat it, but all but Phil spit it out. Then, thinking they are dogs, they start walking around on all fours (hands and legs) and barking. This breaks the adults out of arguing and watching them in awe, and the episode ends with Grandpa Lou taking a picture of the party, which ends up in the Pickles Family Album.


  • In this episode, Tommy wears a red shirt instead of his usual blue one.
  • This is the first appearance of Chuckie and Angelica, but not the first appearance of some other main characters such as Tommy, Lil, Phil, Didi, Stu, Spike, and Lou, who appeared previously in the pilot.
  • This is presumably the first time characters other than the Pickles see Spike, considering the fact they believe him to be Tommy after eating dog food.
  • On the receipt for the Puppet Stage and the Puppets, Stu and Didi's address was seen and is 1258 N. Highland. This was the address of Klasky-Csupo from 1988 to 1995.
  • In this episode, Angelica was wearing the special party dress. But near the end, while the Rugrats act like dogs, Angelica was wearing her normal dress, not originally introduced until the next episode.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Season 1