"Tooth or Dare" is the first segment of the 39th episode of Rugrats.


While Tommy and Angelica are hanging out at Susie's house, the three of them are watching a video on dental education. Susie explains that her parents had gotten the video because her older brother, Edwin, had recently lost one of his baby teeth and received money from the Tooth Fairy after he put the tooth under his pillow. Angelica doesn't believe the story until Edwin shows that he really did lose a tooth by smiling at her, and showing that he had lost one of his front teeth. This gives Angelica an idea.

The next day at Tommy's house, Angelica tells Tommy her idea: she wants to get rich off of getting money from the Tooth Fairy by getting teeth any way she can. At first, Angelica's interested in Tommy's teeth, but decides against it when she sees that Tommy's only got one tooth that's just starting to come through. Then Angelica sees Chuckie's prominent front teeth, and sets her sights on them. Angelica tries but fails numerous times to knock out Chuckie's teeth, with the attempts becoming more elaborate each time. In the end, it's one of Angelica's own teeth that's knocked out instead of Chuckie's. Rather than being upset that it was her own tooth, Angelica's excited and convinced that this will make her rich.

The next day, Tommy and Chuckie are talking about how they think Angelica probably got a bunch of money from the Tooth Fairy for her tooth. When Drew and Angelica come by and Stu asks Angelica about her first visit from the Tooth Fairy, she just huffs and storms past him to the playpen. It turns out that Angelica's angry because all she got for her tooth was a dime. She ends up giving the dime to Tommy and Chuckie, and Chuckie makes a comment about how you just can't please some people.

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