"Toy Palace" is the first segment of the 14th episode of Rugrats, and the first episode of the show's second season.


After wandering away from their fathers, Tommy and Chuckie unwittingly ended up playing around in a closed toy store.


  • This episode's basic plot was later plagiarized reused by the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Toy Store of Doom".
  • There are toys of "Daleks" (an alien race of robots of the Sci-Fi series Doctor Who) in the Toy Palace.
  • This episode marks the first steps of Chuckie being scared of clowns. Though he was nervous in this episode, he actually became scared in "Circus Angelicus".
  • The store does not seem to have an alarm or scanner, as the toys Tommy and Chuckie place in their strollers don't trigger the security system. Of course, the plot wouldn't work if their dads knew they were gone even before they tried to leave the store. It's also possible that the entire security system is broken since Tommy and Chuckie never tripped the alarms themselves
  • When Thorg is sent back in time, the depiction of the Delaware crossing is like that of the famous painting...which is historically inaccurate!
  • The large mechanical Thorg is seen again in "Chuckie is Rich", this time purchased by Chaz as one of Chuckie's many new toys. Chaz also mentions the Toy Palace when contemplating buying Chuckie more toys before deciding he already purchased almost everything from the store for Chuckie.
  • The large train from Toy Palace is mentioned in "Pickles vs. Pickles", as Angelica's most desired birthday present for her third birthday. It's presumably one of the most popular toys sold at Toy Palace, because Drew was unable to purchase one. Although most of the events in Pickles vs. Pickles was a nightmare, it's likely that Angelica did want the train for her third birthday, and Drew wasn't able to get it for her and feels guilty about it.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Tales From the Crib
  • Rugrats: The Best of Season 2
  • Rugrats: Season 2
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