My Life as a Teenage Robot
Season 3, Episode 40B
Original air date: March 30, 2007 (Asia)
April 14, 2007 (The N)
May 2, 2009 (Nicktoons)
Directed by: Randy Myers
Rob Renzetti
Episode chronology
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"Samurai Vac"
"Turncoats" is the second segment of the 40th episode of My Life as a Teenage Robot, and also the series' final episode.


At the Invention Convention, Professor Wakeman's latest robot goes haywire. Soon after, all the previous XJ models begin to attack as well. It's up to Jenny and Professor Wakeman to find out why.

Home video releases

  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Season Three
"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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