"Tweenage Tycoons" is the tenth episode of All Grown Up!


To earn money to buy concert tickets for the Sulky Boys, the gang sell products based on Dil's ideas. First Dil invents Belt-quariums (a belt with a fish inside), but this idea is soon stolen by Angelica, who is also trying to earn money for the Sulky Boys merchandise and goes out of fashion because Vice Principle Pangborn has one. Then Dil invents Shades with a View (glasses with changing scenery) but they go out of fashion once a cheerleader is wearing them and accidentally hugs a chess clubber. The gang gets Dil to come up with a new invention to which he invents Shillows (shoes with pillows) after spying Angelica and Harold make copies of the shoes, but Harold calls them Poos (another mixture of pillows and shoes), but the school news paper writes a reports saying that Shillows are not cool anymore. The gang needs Dil to come up with a new invention so that they can get enough money for all of them to go to the concert, but he has a breakdown and cannot come up with anything. After the gang tries to come up with ideas themselves Nicole tells them that the Belt-quariums are back in and they manage to sell enough stuff to go to the concert. Angelica decides to stick one of the band members faces from the Sulky Boys(JT) on all of the things that she copied from Dil and gets enough money for the Sulky Boys merchandise.

Home video releases

  • All Grown Up!: Lucky 13
  • All Grown Up!: Lucky 13