"Two Heads Are Better Than None" is the three-part series finale to Kenan and Kel.


The Rockmores decide to drive across the country. They don't want to bring Kel, but Kenan and Kyra manage to sneak him into the car, and he is discovered too late in the trip for the Rockmores to return him home. The Rockmores spend their first night away from home camping. At the camp grounds they meet an odd couple who share the name Shelly and are obsessed with ketchup. Kenan is sent off in search of firewood after being scared by a ghost story told by his father. Out in the woods he is attacked by a being known as the Headless Knight. The next day, the Rockmores and Kel stop at a roadside freak show, where they again meet Shelly and Shelly. Before leaving, Kenan is shocked to discover an exhibit about the Headless Knight who cuts off people's heads to wear as his own, and discovers that the Knight had been recently seen in a town called Rockville. After their car breaks down, Kenan and Kel go off in search of help, coming across a mansion. The castle's owner, Arthur, offers to let Kenan and Kel stay in his home for the night. At the mansion, Kenan and Kel meet Shelly and Shelly, and a couple vacationing with their grandfather (Milton Berle). Unbeknownst to them, Arthur is in fact the Headless Knight. Kenan and Kel run to the house's "dungeon" where they find the disembodied heads of the couple and the grandfather. They also find Shelly and Shelly, who had been captured and free them. The Shellys, Kenan and Kel reach the gate which they find locked. The group drives off and are reunited with the Rockmores. Kenan tells Roger their story and he once again does not believe them until finding Arthur's disembodied head on the ground. The family drives home as Kel sings "1,000,000 Bottles of Orange Soda on the Wall".

Home video releases

  • Kenan & Kel: The Best of Seasons 3 & 4

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