I have an idea that will improve navigation from wiki to wiki. Put a section on the MediaWiki:Wiki-Navigation page titled "Nick Wikis" with links to other wikis about Nickelodeon shows in it. Only wikis based on Nick shows should have links. This is what the sidebar should like when you've inserted the section:

(The square used in listing is actually the * symbol.)

I have messaged many wikis about this, and the wikis I've talked to have all put the section on the Navigation bar. It is best-looking as the fourth section on it. Make sure the wikis on the bar are successful and have at least 200 pages. This is a list of the wikis that have already put on the Nick Wikis section.

I have also messaged about three other wikis that say they will put the section on sometime this week (the week of May 16).

If you own a Nick Wiki, go ahead and put the section on! If you don't, message the wiki's administrator(s) about it.

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