Earlier in early 2013, a man named Chris Savino created one animated series named "The Loud House". There is 25 kids of rabbits and their Mother and Father. Then on late 2013, "The Loud House" is not the house of RABBITS, but the house of HUMANS. Then on early 2014, "The Loud House" is now not have 25 kids but 10 kids. So the production begin on 2014. In June 2014, Nickelodeon announced that The Loud House had been picked up for a season of 13 episodes, making it the second series to be born out of the shorts program after Breadwinners. The episode order was later increased to 26. Then on 2015, Nickelodeon started the filming and launch The Loud House to public. On 2016, The Loud House confirmed to be released Jan 2016, then changed to Mar 2016. And now delay to new airdade&title: THE LOUD HOUSE, WEEKNIGHTS PREMIERES 2 MAY 2016. This is the current history of the 13 first episodes: 



No. in
Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original air date Prod.


U.S. viewers
1a 1a "Left in the Dark" Chris Savino Chris Savino (writer)
Chris Savino and Karla Sakas (story)
Chris Savino May 2, 2016[3] 001 TBD
Lincoln tries to beat his sisters to the couch to watch the finale of his favorite TV show, but a power outage threatens the Loud household.

Note: This episode made its debut on July 11, 2015 at San Diego Comic-Con International.[15] It was also screened at aTVfest on February 5, 2016.[16]

1b 1b "Get the Message" TBA TBA TBA May 2, 2016[3] 002 TBD
When Lincoln leaves a scathing voicemail on Lori's smartphone, he tries to delete it from her phone before she hears it.
2a 2a "Heavy Meddle" TBA TBA TBA May 3, 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln is tired of his sisters meddling in his business, but when he gets picked on by a bully, he frets over whether or not to tell them.
2b 2b "Making the Case" TBA TBA TBA May 3, 2016 TBA TBD
Desperate to win a trophy of his own, Lincoln tries to win a video contest by secretly recording his sisters' embarrassing moments.
3a 3a "Driving Miss Hazy" TBA TBA Jordan Rosato May 9, 2016 TBA TBD
Tired of doing Lori favors to get her to drive him around, Lincoln tries to help Leni pass her driving test.
3b 3b "No Guts, No Glori" TBA TBA TBA May 10, 2016 TBA TBD
Lori's tyranny as her siblings' babysitter prompts Lincoln and the others to plot a rebellion.
4a 4a "A Tale of Two Tables" Chris Savino Michael Rubiner Darin McGowan May 6, 2016 013 TBD
Lincoln tries to prove that he is mature enough to sit at the adults dinner table rather than at the kids table with his younger sisters.

Note: This episode was released on and on digital platforms on April 1, 2016.[17]

4b 4b "The Sweet Spot" Chris Savino Kevin Sullivan Kyle Marshall May 6, 2016 014 TBD
Lincoln attempts to sit in the "sweet spot", the best seat in the family van, for a long road trip.

Note: This episode was released on and on digital platforms on April 1, 2016.[17]

5a 5a "Project Loud House" TBA Chris Savino and Michael Rubiner Chris Savino May 5, 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln tries to get to school on time, but his sisters get in his way.
5b 5b "In Tents Debate" TBA TBA TBA May 5, 2016 TBA TBD
The Loud sisters are split on whether to go to the beach or an amusement park for their family vacation, so Lincoln gets the deciding vote.
6a 6a "Sound of Silence" TBA TBA TBA May 19, 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln buys a pair sound-canceling earbuds to drown out the noises his sisters make.
6b 6b "Space Invader" TBA TBA TBA May 20, 2016 TBA TBD
After Lynn and Lucy have a fight, Lincoln agrees to let Lynn bunk in his room for the night.
7a 7a "Picture Perfect" TBA TBA TBA May 11, 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln and his sisters try to create a perfect family photo to give to their parents for their anniversary.
7b 7b "Undie Pressure" TBA TBA TBA May 12, 2016 TBA TBD
The Loud siblings make a bet to see who can go the longest without displaying their most annoying traits and habits.
8a 8a "Linc or Swim" TBA TBA Jordan Rosato May 13, 2016 018 TBD
Lincoln buys a kiddie pool for the backyard, which all his sisters want to use.
8b 8b "Changing the Baby" TBA TBA TBA May 18, 2016 TBA TBD
Feeling that he has nothing in common with his sisters, Lincoln tries to mold Lily to be just like him.
9a 9a "Overnight Success" TBA TBA TBA May 23, 2016 TBA TBD
Clyde comes over to have a sleepover with Lincoln, but things do not go quite as planned.
9b 9b "Ties That Bind" TBA TBA TBA May 24, 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln overhears his parents having a conversation and mistakenly believes that they're planning to get rid of him and his sisters.
10a 10a "Hand-Me-Downer" Chris Savino Michael Rubiner Ed Baker May 16, 2016 007 TBD
Lincoln feels embarrassed when he gets a pink hand-me-down bike from Lori, so he "borrows" Lynn's BMX bike without her knowing.

Note: This episode was released on and on digital platforms on April 15, 2016.[18]

10b 10b "Sleuth or Consequences" Chris Savino Whitney Wetta and Sammie Crowley Kyle Marshall May 17, 2016 020 TBD
Someone has clogged the bathroom toilet, and Lincoln sets out to find out the culprit.

Note: This episode was released on and on digital platforms on April 15, 2016.[18]

11a 11a "The Butterfly Effect" TBA TBA TBA May 26, 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln accidentally spills one of Lisa's potions, causing a chain of events that unravel the household.
11b 11b "The Green House" TBA TBA Miguel Puga May 25, 2016 TBA TBD
In an effort to be more energy-efficient, Lincoln rallies his family to stop using so much electricity.
12a 12a "Along Came a Sister" TBA TBA TBA May 4, 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln is given the responsibility of caring for his class's pet tarantula, but it gets loose and wreaks havoc in the house.
12b 12b "Chore and Peace" TBA TBA TBA May 4, 2016 TBA TBD
Feeling that he gets the worst house chores, Lincoln decides to go on strike until someone swaps chores with him.
13a 13a "For Bros About to Rock" TBA TBA TBA May 2016 TBA TBD
Lincoln goes to attend his first rock concert with Luna, who hopes to make it a memorable experience for him.
13b 13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House" TBA Chris Savino Kyle Marshall May 27, 2016 026 TBD
Lincoln discovers a letter in the attic that leads him to believe there's a lot of money hidden within the house.

Then one episode came out in The Loud House episodes. One more updated episode named Cover Girls. It is currently unknown about that episode.


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