aka you know nothing of me

  • I live in why does it matter?
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is art, i guess
  • I am slowly dying inside to the point where i wouldn't even mind the planet exploding
  • EliNinja

    On April 1st of 1979, The Pinwheel Network decided to relaunch as the network we all know today, Nickelodeon. Once it relaunched as Nickelodeon, Pinwheel turned into a show & lasted until 1989 (or 88).

    & now ,since April 1st, 1979 was almost 35 years ago, maybe on April 1st we should have a chat party in honor of the network's 35 year anniversary

    I have been watching The Nickelodeon Network since i was about 3 years old.The first Nickelodeon show I ever watched was probably either The Fairly OddParents or Spongebob Squarepants. I remember watching the old Nickelodeon until it's crappy rebrand in the year 2009 (or 2010, according to the Logopedia), but I liked it better before.

    Some of my favorite Nickelodeon shows include shows from back then…

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