• InvaderZimGirfreak1

    My brand new show called Vampire Purple by InvaderZimGirFreak1

    this new show is about a halfer vampire and human being girl named Zee (Zoe) A. Lee and her family was going to moved tried to destroyed hundred cheery blossom trees from their home and but her family was upset about it but they can handed the moving from the home and moved to PennWood a town in Pennsylvania and there's a elementary school the same name as the town's name as well too. From Transylvania To Pennsylvania the lee's family have to drive but Zee and Zen are the new students for the school when she met her love/hate classmate named Gar (Gardon) R. Tee who was now know that Zee and her family are vampires but Zee don't tell Gar that she's a halfer and she sleep at night…

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