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 HI! I am mb13566, i love spongebob  more then anything. and i see where my profile pic came from now. But it doesnt really mater lol. well I also want to say I ship Spongebob amd Sandy! I dont know if anyone else does but hats just me i guess. I mean sorry if you think that sounds weird but it started when Truth or Square came out. Really I think it looks a little esay to eran bages here. Like just for when your just joining. So I think i will have fun here talking to people and editing spongebob things, I love to edit, depending on what it is. TBH! I am an amazing Dancer and love to write on fan ficton. which i just joined. People might say i'm a little to old for spongebob but i dont listen to people who try to change me. Just trying to inspier someone, i guess. I like that. Also I love to make friends. Hey, who doesnt? anyway I am on the spongebob wiki that just reached 11,000 PAGES! thats a lot cause most wikis i see dont even have 500, well sort of. So this wiki is doing good. I'm used to things that might go on here that I kind of hope don't. ( lol please dont ask what that was about.)  Also I sometimes might overreact if something happens i mean like if someone removes something i edited (if not a mistake) i kind of be like "Why was this removed??" and most of the time i wont say anything on chat, but in my head.  if someone is a little rude ill try to ingore it but if it contines ill get a little mad. Cause it happened once and i was balmed for starting something on a differnt wiki. yes i said things to people that were a little mean, but I didn't start it. Just letting you know, and if you know what happened cause you happen to be on that wiki, please dont metion it. well i gtg so lets have fun cause i might be on tomrrow. Ill see you in chat i guess. bye

            P.S. thank you if you took tie ot of your day to read this whole thing.