Holo there,so I was thinking in school how to improve this wiki,and then I remember that in every article on the Bulbapedia (Wiki dedicated to Pokémon) there was a template that says "this article is part of project..." and says the subject (anime,videogames,locations,characters...) so,I decided to create similar projects but obviously for this wikia

This would help to attract attention between users without a account to contribute to a special topic,also,this is not related to the Scope of Project of the Nickipedia,this is just to relate various topics in the wikia

I would create templates for every project planned on this main project,I wouldn't need more special things such as categories and that,only templates

Main planning:

  • Main project: Nickipedia,are you ready?
    • Sub-projects:
    • Project Nicktoons (related to all the Nicktoons,including episodes,episodes and characters lists,songs and albums)
    • Project Live-Action (related to all the live-actions shows,including episodes and characters lists and albums)
    • Project Characters (related to all the porfiles of different characters,both animated or real,characters lists also are related here)
    • Project Actors (related to all the actors and actresses in the Nickelodeon family)
    • Project Guests Stars (related to all the actors and actresses that have guest started in a Nicktoon [as a voice actor/actress,obviously] or in a live-action show,bands also are included here)
    • Project Episodes (related to all the lists of episodes of every Nicktoon or live-action show)
    • Project Movies (related to all the movies producted or in production with Nickelodeon)
    • Project Nickworld (related to everything,besides the Nicktoons and live-actions series, about Nickelodeon,such as events,awards,worldwide)

I'm open to receive suggetions,feel okay to say something! ---UltraDizu The Deudizian Warrior 05:56, February 21, 2013 (UTC)

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