Does any one remember this bumper

In the 90s to 2000s I remember at 1:00 in mourning they aired a scary bumper named time teller showing the future and every thing in comerisal happened to me and the world every thing also when a creepy voice said your getting sleepy after a flashing light montage I was knocked out and my house was floating and the two and a half men theme song was playing backwards in my hallway in my house it got slower and slower and got louder and louder and it bugs up(like a video game) and the tv was flashing lights and the two and a half men reversed song was playing get closer and closer and I woke up thinking it was a dream my house was in bad condition from falling and one my computer has the reversed song and the bumper I heard and saw I can get it off my computer the bumper was taken off the air in I would say 2002 does any one remember the horror of this bumper?! And I just noticed two and a half man was not around it came in 2003
Time teller nick bumper ( AUDiO)00:23

Time teller nick bumper ( AUDiO)

The 90s is all that airs the bumper with cut off parts not the same as what I saw...

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