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  • Themadhatterhouse

    When it comes to game shows that I love like Get the Picture and some that I dislike like Nickelodeon GUTS,this one is the perfect one I love.This show has kids do their talent that some kids can't even do and celebs from shows guess what the kid can do and the people give them clues to a word that belongs for what the kid does.It has the thing that Nickelodeon GUTS doesn't have.It has prizes and advertisements before the credits.This is one of the game shows that I love and it should have new episodes of it on Nick.

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  • Themadhatterhouse

    Before I start this blog, I would like to say. I've seen many articles on Nickelodeon Studios and most I have seen are either inaccurate or about personal experiences. I will be telling this article as if it were in a text book and I will try to make this as accurate as possible, ok here it is!

    November 1988- The 9 year old children's television network, Nickelodeon joins Universal Studios Florida

    (Notice the Nickelodeon logo "N"'s on their hats) A 1989 ad for Nickelodeon Studios

    A 1989 original artist rendering of what the studios would look like.

    They start building the stages for what will be Nickelodeon Studios

    June 1989- The building is finished for their first program to be filmed, Super Sloppy Double Dare, on Stage 21.

    June 1990- Universa…

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  • Themadhatterhouse

    The '90s are All That 2 hour block premiered last night, starting with Season 2 of All That. Finally, Season 2 is being shown on TV! HOWEVER, the musical guest was cut and the original credits weren't shown. The episode was only 18 minutes long.

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