This is what you at home and me think that Nickelodeon should do to become once again better than Disney Channel.

#1 Bring Back The Slime

What I would like to see is nickelodeon to inplant to returning slime once again and using more often then they have done for the past years.

#2 Bring Back SNICK!

Everyone please use the hashtag #BringBackSNICK and make a petition to bring back SNICK! A nightime programming block filled with your favorite Nick stars on a red couch and watching the block. If it does return I want it to be from 6:30-10pm and also bring back some of Teennick (Block) skits in the middle back too. Here is my lineup for SNICK with the current shows and reruns of old shows too.

  • Henry Danger
  • Thundermans
  • The Haunted Hathaways
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dickey and Dawn
  • Awesomness TV
  • All That
  • Alex Mack

#3 Cancel Spongebob and Add New Content

For atleast now for the past two years for 10-12 hours straight there is reruns of Spongebob everyday, I would like it to stop and for Spongebob to end and have reruns for atleast 1 hour a-day and try to rerun old shows all day and new shows. I would like Nickelodeon to create new cartoons like the 90 ones with funny adult jokes and have better live action shows from people new and not Dan Scheider anymore!

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