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Rabbids Invasion
"Vampire Rabbid"
Season 1, Episode 23A
Airdate: October 18, 2014
Written by: Philippe Riche
Directed by: Fabien Ouvrard
Episode chronology
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"Rabbid Snob" "Rabbid Halloween"
"Vampire Rabbid" is the first segment of the twenty-third episode of Rabbids Invasion.


Two rabbids turn real life into a horror story when they get some kind of growth losion on themselves.Other rabbids think one of them is a vampire who attacked the other one (who looks like a female rabbid now),so they try to attack him,but he escapes.Later the losion affected the other rabbid as well.They then take a stroll on the street together.At the end, a guy asks them if they want to join his freaky circus.


  • This episode is a parody of the old horror movies.
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