Vicky (Oh Yeah! Cartoons)

Vicky in live-action

Oh Yeah! Cartoons and The Fairly OddParents character
Background information
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Devon Weigel
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
First appearance "The Fairly OddParents!"
Last appearance
Character information
Full name
Species Human
Other names
Alignment Evil
Occupation Babysitter
Relatives Tootie (sister); an unnamed father; Nicky (mother); Vicky the Kid, Vicky Khan, Lady Vicky (ancestors); Timmy Turner (future brother-in-law); Tommy Turner (future nephew); Tammy Turner (future niece).
Pets Doidle the dog; Chipper the cat; Happy the goldfish; Ginny the parrot; Spunky the hamster.
Enemies Timmy Turner; Tootie; Chester McBadbat; A.J.; Elmer; Sanjay; Chip Skylark.
Quote "I only wish that someday I can make the whole world this miserable!"
"You can't spell 'Vicky' without 'icky'.""

Vicky is the main villain from The Fairly OddParents. She is an evil red-haired teenager who happens to be Timmy Turner's babysitter, and as such, she uses all opportunities to make his and other childrens' lives (including her little sister Tootie) miserable. She is typically hired when Timmy's parents make a hasty getaway trip to one of their "adult only" destinations, leaving Timmy in her cruel hands. It was partly because of the abuse she heaps on Timmy that he ended up receiving Cosmo and Wanda as his fairy godparents.


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