The VideoNow was a personal portable video player designed for children, distributed by Hasbro through its Tiger Electronics subsidiary. It operated using unusually sized 4" (108mm) PVD Discs. The discs allowed for about 30 minutes (half an hour) of video, the average length of a full television episode. Video data was stored on the left audio channel with mono audio on the right channel. The player was originally released with a black and white format, but was soon updated as the VideoNow Color. Game-playing functionality was added with the next model, the VideoNow XP, but abandoned with the follow-up, VideoNow Color FX.

Numerous Nickelodeon shows had episodes released on VideoNow during its run. Since a single PVD disc could only hold half an hour of video, most releases only included a single episode, but there were also multi-disc releases that featured at least three episodes each.

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