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Danny Phantom character
Background information
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
First appearance "Prisoners of Love"
Last appearance "Phantom Planet"
Character information
Full name
Species Ghost
Other names
Citizenship Ghost Zone
Enemies Danny Phantom; Wulf
Quote "Name's Walker, son. Know it, fear it, obey it."

Walker is a character from Danny Phantom. A spoof on the name of the then-popular TV show Walker, Texas Ranger, he is a very strict vigilante and warden who runs the prison of the Ghost Zone. He enjoys law and order and often commands with an iron fist; whoever so much as disobeys one rule from his law book is in trouble. To justify his cause, he often makes up the rules as he abides by them and is not above using crooked measures to keep the Ghost Zone clean and corruption-free.

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