"What's The Difference?" is the second segment of the 71st episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy tells Cosmo and Wanda that he does the same thing everyday, so he goes somewhere he usually doesn't go: the library, and reads a book in which you have to find everything. Mark Chang then appears, telling them that Man-DIE is coming to try to marry him again. As predicted, she does appear. Timmy then wishes that the whole school and Mark was like his puzzle book. But after the wish is granted, Timmy decides to wish that Man-DIE was away, but Cosmo and Wanda's wands have been replaced with turkey legs, so they have to find them. Man-DIE makes several more attempts to kill Timmy and his fairies, but fails. The point is simple; find the wands in the in the last place you'd expect to find it. The entire school is completely topsy-turvy: doorknobs have been replaced by jelly doughnuts, lockers have been replaced with refrigerators, school desks have been replaced with giant pieces of cheese, books have been replaced by dominoes, and Mark has been replaced by a trophy. Cosmo and Wanda find their wands in Crocker's office. Timmy wishes that everything was back to normal and that Man-DIE was back on her home planet. Everything goes as planned, and Mark Chang returns back to his Earth Child form.

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