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Winx Club
Winx Club Logo
Genre: Family, Fantasy
Created by: Iginio Straffi
Starring: Molly C. Quinn
Keke Palmer
Romi Dames
Amy Gross
Alejandra Reynoso
Morgan Decker
Country of origin: Italy (original)

United States (revival)

# of seasons: 7
# of episodes: 182
Running time: 30 minutes (approximately)
Original run: November 14, 2011 - April 10, 2016 page
IMDb summary
Winx Club is an Italian TV show that recently got picked up by Nickelodeon. The show is about five (later 7) very beautiful fairies named Bloom (fairy of the Dragon Flame), Flora (fairy of nature), Tecna (fairy of technology), Aisha (fairy of waves), Musa (fairy of music) and Stella (fairy of the shining sun). Roxy (fairy of animals) joined the club in the fourth season only and will return for the seventh season. Each fairy as a special type of magic and they must master it in order to reach the Enchantix level which is the highest level of standard magic. The villains of the first season are The Trix, three witches named Icy, Stomy, and Darcy. The villain of the second season is Lord Darkar a.k.a. the Shadow Phoenix. The villain of the third season is Valtor. The villains of the fourth season are the Wizards of the Black Circle. They want to stop the fairies who call themselves the Winx Club. In the fifth season, the villians are Tritannus (Aisha's cousin) and the Trix. In the sixth season, the Trix and Selina. Winx Club's former rights belonged to CBS and 4Kids, this show's rights was bought by Nickelodeon.


  • Bloom, Fairy of the Dragon Flame. She was born as a princess on the planet Domino, but when she was a baby her planet was destroyed. She was then sent to live on Earth. When she was sixteen she discovered that she was a fairy and went to study at Alfea, School for Fairies. She is voiced by Molly Quinn.
  • Stella, Fairy of the Shining Sun. She is the princess of Solaria and the one who found Bloom on Earth and invited her to Alfea. She is voiced by Amy Gross.
  • Flora, Fairy of Nature. She can feel all the emotions of the plants around her. She is voiced by Alejandra Reynoso.
  • Musa, Fairy of Music. She can sing and play many instruments, and she dreams of becoming a professional singer. She is voiced by Romi Dames.
  • Tecna, Fairy of Technology. She is the brains of the group. She is voiced by Morgan Decker.
  • Aisha, Fairy of Waves. She is the princess of Andros. She can generate a pink fluid called Morphix that can be formed into any shape. She is voiced by Keke Palmer.
  • Roxy, Fairy of Animals. She is the last fairy on Earth and the princess of the Earth fairies. She can bond with animals and strengthen them. She is voiced by Liliana Mumy.


  • PopPixie is a spin-off series of Winx Club, starring the pixies.
    • This show has nothing to do with Winx Club, since the stories don't interact with Winx Club and since some characters have a different gender in this series.

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