"Wishing Well" is the second segment of the 90th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy 'overwishes' his fairies a little too much than normally lately. With 36 (dangerous) wishes in 5 minutes, Cosmo and Wanda are way too exhausted. However, both him and Poof are the only ones enjoying the said wishes.

He then wishes for a secret Swiss ski resort with pizza-delivering octopuses. He then wishes for a fat free chocolate snowboard, but when he starts going on a joyride on the snowboard, he crashes into Jorgen. Jorgen tells him he has 'OWD' (Over Wishing Disorder) because the wish-o-meter states he has become "Wishy McGreedyPants" and he has to now go to a camp (for kids who overwish their fairies) called Wishing Well to get rid of it. Jorgen reminds Timmy his fairies are there to help him when he needs their help not act as his personal wish butlers. Timmy claims he doesn't overwish his fairies, but it shows that Cosmo and Wanda are exhausted, so Jorgen tries to take him to Wishing Well, but then Timmy wishes that Jorgen was gone, but he comes back instantaneously, so then he wishes that Jorgen was a soccer ball and he had a bionic foot, but Jorgen still comes back and has had enough, so he takes Timmy to Wishing Well. After he leaves, Wanda says that Timmy will be fine and Cosmo says that they can relax now. Well, they can't. Right after Timmy leaves, Poof starts crying real hard, and an avalanche falls on them.

It then shows that Timmy is at Wishing Well, which he says looks kinda nice, but then Jorgen pulls a rope, revealing that it was just a cardboard cut out and that it is really a prison looking place. Jorgen tells Timmy that there are already 2 kids joining him there, Molly and Dwight. Jorgen gives them ankle bracelets, revealing that if they try to escape, they will be shocked, and if they make a wish, they will be hit with a fruitcake. It then goes back to Cosmo, Wanda and Poof at Timmy's house. Poof is still crying, and Wanda can't get him to stop. They try everything, but it doesn't work. But at Wishing Well, Timmy, Molly and Dwight are having their own problems. They must learn to conquer their greatest fears, try to tie their shoes, try to make their own meals, and try to conquer a quick sand floor, (because what if they were in a real emergency and they didn't have their fairies to help them). All of that fails. Then it shows Cosmo, Wanda and Poof again, and Cosmo and Wanda still can't get Poof to stop crying. Cosmo then tells Wanda to try his Timmy doll because he made it to fill the void since Timmy left. Wanda pulls a string on the doll, making it say "I didn't do it." Poof stops crying, and Wanda says he just misses Timmy. Cosmo and Wanda then cry because they miss Timmy, and Poof is just confused. And after a while, they build a sandcastle of Timmy, and then are sad again because they want the real Timmy. Wanda says that they can go visit Timmy.

At Wishing Well, the kids are planning their escape. Timmy, Molly and Dwight use the quick sand floor to go into the basement and then they escape to the place with their greatest fears. (Timmy's is Vicky, Molly's is snakes, Dwight's is a harpoon, because he dreamed he was a whale once and they wanted his blubber). Timmy says to the Vicky robot that they 'love' their ankle bracelets, and not to cut them off. She does (which was part of the plan) and then Timmy tells Molly to grab the snakes and tie up Vicky, so she does, and then Timmy tells Dwight to grab the harpoon (also reminding him it doesn't want his blubber), he is scared but he does. So Timmy and the others manage to get to the top of Wishing Well, which is where Cosmo, Wanda and Poof show up. Wanda says she can get them out of there, but Timmy tells her he does overwish them, so they jump onto a dumpster and they escape. Jorgen shows up, and the kids think they are in trouble, but Jorgen tells them they have graduated. He takes them to a place where they do graduate, and Timmy meets Molly and Dwight's fairies, Irving and Swizzle. The fairies offer to cook them a graduation feast, but the kids offer to cook the fairies a feast, but they ended up blowing up the whole place.

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