"Your Real Best Friend" is the first episode of KaBlam!


Henry and June

Henry and June explain how KaBlam! is different from other comic books before they introduce their first short, Sniz and Fondue. After Sniz and Fondue, Henry gets webbed by a black widow spider before June introduces Action League Now!. After the conclusion of Action League Now!, June doesn't understand the art of "Chuckimation" (used to film the short) so Henry explains it for her before they go to the next short, Life with Loopy. They then stuff their heads with watermelon, before introducing the final short, Prometheus and Bob. After running out of time on the show, Henry and June say the Pledge of KaBlam!-legiance.

I pledge allegiance to KaBlam!, and the excited snakes of America. And to the cartoonists who make us stand, one comic book, irreplaceable, liver-free, with jetpacks for all!

Sniz and Fondue

"A Toxic Tail": Fondue buys a scorpion to keep Sniz out of his room, but the scorpion escapes.

Action League Now!

"Road to Ruin": The League must stop The Mayor from littering.

Life with Loopy

"Hi-Fi Frankenstein": Loopy makes a new friend, LITERALLY.

Prometheus and Bob

"Tape #17, Art" and "Tape #25, Bowling": Prometheus teaches Bob art and how to play the game of bowling.