"Zombie Rabbid" is the third segment of the twenty-third episode of Rabbids Invasion.


It all starts at the mall. A rabbid was seen at the escalator. He was brushing his shoulder after that he heard The Rabbids's voices. He was spying on them to be revealed they were having donuts. The rabbid really wants the donuts from the rabbids. He goes there and ask them he wants to trade the toothbrush for the donuts. They're pretending to give it but he almost grabbed it from him and he ate it. They most likely don't want to share the food with the first rabbid. The 1st rabbid was bullied and felt sad. He goes down to the escalator and the rabbids throw the toothbrush by don't want it. Felt jealous of them. The rabbids walk away with the donuts. The Frankie is pretty mad about that and walk fiercely away until he saw a rotten pack of donuts. He ate it without being careful. And then he felt sick for the donut he ate. Tyler and Tom were walking and talking each other when they were entering the mall and stop until he saw the Frankie. Tyler poke him only to examine him. He ask him until Frankie shows his face and looks sick. They all look at him and think him that he's a zombie instead of being sick. Tyler run away from him but Frankie are start looking at them.. They attempt to hide away for him. They looked and checked at him. Frankie say help and the rabbids looked at the rotten donuts he saw and actually gets it from him. Frankie turns around at the rabbids and say (DON'T EAT THAT DONUT!!!!!!). They almost ate it and the Tyler turns around at Frankie by saying (DON'T EAT IT!!!!) Tyler screaming and Tom almost ate it. They scream together and run away from him. Tyler running with the rotten pack of donuts and runs to the escalator. They start moving faster when Frankie closing by the escalator. After that, they got hitted by the crowd with the shopping cart and gets off of it and starts showing the pack of rotten donuts. Frankie keep saying(Don't eat the donut.) Tom starts throwing rotten donuts at Frankie. They scream and runs away from him again. Frankie keep chasing them and warning them not to eat the rotten donut to avoid getting sick. The rabbids are at the elevator and goes up to the 1st floor. They're laughing loudly. The rabbids were sleeping on the 1st floor. One of them sleeps on the elevator. They wake up by hearing that noise. The three of them spys on them for the donuts. The elevator's door is closing but the Mark's hand caught the door and saying to open it back. His hand was off the door and then the elevator is at the ground floor again. Frankie shows and surprising them. Tyler and Tom run to the picture booth and concealed themselves from him. They stay quitely from him until he's gone. Tom start checking if the coast is clear. They come out being cautious to him. But Frankie was right in front of them by in case they're terrible at sightseeing. Tyler saw him in front of him and scream and run away. Tom turns around and and looks scared from him and starts running until they saw a dead end. Tyler say they got a idea to get out from the dead end. Tom goes first but not knowing by he can climb and bumped himself and keep pushing until the Tyler climb first and laughs at him for being such a moron. Tom also climb out of it. Frankie stops by no idea what they do. Until then, Tom stopped at the vending machine and say they can conceal at the vending machine. Frankie runs through the vending machine. Tom tries to get inside the vending machine but got stuck. Frankie start closing by them and Tyler start pulling him hardly. Frankie helps him get Tom off the vending machine. Tyler thanks him for getting him unstuck but when he see him it's actually Frankie. They run off to the escalator and running to the store. They dropped one rotten donut for them. They were about to eat it and they saw a man was on the cart. Meanwhile, the rabbids were hiding in the colder machine where the rabbids won't get the door open. Frankie is trying to find them but passed away from them. Tom eats the rotten donut without careful. After that, he becomes sick.Tyler laughs at him for being a unsmart. He looks at Tom and he become the 2nd sick rabbid. Tyler starts to get scared of him by thinking he become a zombie. Tom said (Don't eat that donut....) Tyler got stopped and the Tom was about to touch him. It cause to get Tyler runs away reckless. Tom is trying to get him but to be honest, he's been walking slowly for minutes. Frankie was also there. Tyler is hiding below the shelf. Frankie is almost caught and saw a onion ring. He ate it but it attracts the sick rabbids. The sick rabbids got him surrounded. But the Tyler tries to run away from them and sucessfully got away. The sick rabbids have almost get him. Tyler is out but he saw the other rabbids have become sick and chasing him. It's spreading all over. The sick rabbids got him stuck but he sucsessfully got away reckless. After that, he's at the city. Running away from them. He's on the dumpster. He checks if there's no zombies on him. Tyler feel safe and open the pack but it has only one rotten donut left. Which is enough for him to get sick. But the sick rabbids was about to stop him eating the last rotten donut. A whole army of them have become sick for eating a rotten donut. So the Tyler had to climb on the dumpster where the sick rabbids won't get him. They're trying to stop him eating the last rotten donut. But he ate it and the screen become faded. It sounded like Tyler have making a zombie sound after eating the donut. Then the episode ends.